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A list of certificates are available to certify business information and/or status of a VCC.


$11 per copy - Certificate of Good Standing

$50 per copy - Statutory Certificates (except for Transfer of Registration)

Important Note

Only the position holders of VCC such as directors, secretaries and the authorised corporate service providers can view and purchase the available statutory certificates upon login.

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Certificate Confirming Incorporation of Variable Capital Company

  • This certificate shows that a variable capital company is incorporated in Singapore.

Certificate Confirming Registration By Transfer of Variable Capital Company

  • This certificate shows that a variable capital company is registered in Singapore after transferred its registration from another country. It is free as part of application of Transfer of Registration.

Certificate of Good Standing

  • This certificate proves the live existence of a variable capital company (VCC) incorporated or registered in Singapore and bears the electronic signature of the Assistant Registrar of ACRA.

Certificate Confirming Registration of Charge

  • This certificate certifies that a charge is made by a variable capital company or its sub-fund after the charge number is generated.

Certificate Under Section 20 VCC Act - Confirmation Of Incorporation In Accordance With Alteration of Constitution

  • This certificate certifies that the company is incorporated in accordance with the alteration made to the constitution.

    Note that the VCC must make either one of the two lodgements before it can be purchased by the VCC.

    i) "Change In VCC Information - Alteration of Constitution under Section 20(5) of VCC Act"

    ii) "Notice of Resolution - Alteration of Constitution Under Section 20(4) of VCC Act"

Upon successful payment, an email with a URL for report download will be sent to customer within 15 minutes.

Download links for purchased electronic reports will expire in 7 days after delivery, no further extension can be made.